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    I only have eyes for you. After that, I’m out of stock, so I need to order more. Man, everybody wants eyes these days

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  2. lindseybluth:


    Gale didn’t just not end up with Katniss though he got completely cut out of her life. They were best friends and depended on each other to keep their families alive.

    I don’t care if you don’t like Gale or what but don’t tell me that’s not fucking tragic as hell. Especially since we never find out what happened to Gale. His story just stops after we find out he goes to live in Two, and as far as we know he never gets to see his best friend again.

    she probably cut him out of her life because he caused her sister’s death


  3. You’ll Wish You Never Knew These 22 Life Hacks That Will Rob Existence Of All Meaning By Abolishing Personal Struggle

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    The Classic Denim with suspenders.. Simplicity is one of the best routes to go.
    Bow tie by: novabrown
    Suspenders by: novabrown

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    i covered little lion man by mumford and sons ty broccoliking for the suggestion

    lets see if this will actually post this time

  6. cleancoreenthusiast69:

    i covered little lion man by mumford and sons ty broccoliking for the suggestion

    lets see if this will actually post this time


  7. swanjolras:

    like tbh i feel like my problem with the “dark and gritty!!” trend in modern stories is this

    there’s this idea in our culture that cynicism is realistic? that only children believe in happy endings, that people are ultimately selfish and greedy and seeing with clear eyes means seeing the world as an awful place

    that idealism is— easy, i guess. butterflies and sunshine and love are easy things to have in your head.

    but i’ve known since i was fifteen that idealism— faith in humanity— optimism— is the most difficult thing in the entire world.

    i constantly struggle to have faith in humanity, because it’s really, really easy to lose it. it’s easy to look at the news and go “what were you expecting? of course humans behave this way.” it’s easy to see the world and go “ugh, there’s no hope there.” and the years when i believed that were easy. miserable— but easy.

    it is hard work to see the good in people. it is hard work to hope. it is hard work to keep faith and love and joy and appreciation for beauty in my daily life.

    and when moviemakers and tv producers and writers go “omg!!! all characters are selfish and act poorly and don’t love each other, nothing ever happens that is happy or good, that’s so much more realistic, that’s so much more adult”

    no, it’s not

    it’s childish.

    it’s the most childish thing i can imagine.

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  8. demon looking at the list of your sins voice: it says here you were super vain but come on, you’re a cutie, I’ll cross that off the list

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    Ms Marvel #6


    Temptation to write Scott and Emma’s romantic vacation in Paris, SO HIGH.

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    say those three words and i’m yours

    super smash bros

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    things life is too short for:
    - hating yourself
    - pretending to laugh at “jokes” that are actually just bigoted statements
    - not singing along to your favorite songs
    - waiting hours to text someone back just to look cool
    - bad coffee
    - bad books
    - mean people
    - body shaming
    - letting other people dictate your life
    - larry’s storyline

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  12. theirs:

    a zoo of dogs dressed up as other animals

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    Pretty sure this is some sort of astronomical phenomenon 

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  14. walkingwithdragons:

    Christians call The Bible “the greatest story ever told” almost as if they’ve never heard John Mulaney’s Salt and Pepper Diner

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